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We believe that independent publishers are solutions for authors who are seeking a method to publish manuscripts that are languishing in desk drawers.  We also believe that  SPB is a creative outlet for compilations that can be used in teaching and scholarship.  Finally, independent publishers can keep their products affordable and allow a more widespread access to printed or electronic works.  We welcome authors to send us their manuscripts.  We’ll look them over and give you a candid appraisal of it.  Until then, keep writing!

When we started this publishing house, we needed high-quality manuscripts. Fortunately, Dr. Smith was searching for a venue for his manuscripts. We were pleased that we could start a partnership with him. His latest manuscripts are forthcoming.

Eile Flynn, Executive Editor

About Our Authors

We publish books from a variety of authors with different experiences and backgrounds. To learn more about our published authors, please explore their websites, using the links below. 

Dr. Thomas Smith

Victoria Shelton, MSW

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Here’s what people have to say about some of our published authors.

More than Numbers: Everyday Financial Therapy Facilitator's Guide

“Awesome Resource! I had to have this text for school and I love it.”

Dr. Smith's Psychopathology Lectures

“After years of being a marriage counselor, Dr. Smith has seen it all…and explains how to avoid the pitfalls when it comes to money and marriage. “

Money & Marriage